Evalds Dajevskis: Place, Art and Identity was conceived and developed by Peter Dajevskis, the artist’s son. The paintings on view are from his private collection, which will be permanently donated to the Liepaja City Museum in Liepaja, Latvia in 2014 to mark the centenary of the artist’s birth.

The exhibit team is grateful to the American Latvian Association’s Cultural Foundation for underwriting photography of the Evalds Dajevskis collection. A grant from the Latvian Foundation, Inc. provided important financial support for the development of this mobile application. 

The exhibit team thanks Ms. Baiba Kine, Third Secretary, Latvian Ambassador's Office of Cultural Affairs, for her work translating the exhibit into Latvian, as well as Mr. Modris Mednis, who lent his voice to record Evalds Dajevskis’ autobiography in the original Latvian. Thanks also to Dr. Maruta Lietina-Ray, who advised on the history of the Latvian Theater of Meerbeck and life in displaced persons camps.

Mobile App Development: Interpretive Solutions, Inc., West Chester, PA